StreetView Images 

Kerb collects 4K resolution StreetView images for use in navigation, property searches, and computer vision algorithms. When collecting our StreetView images, we capture as much data as possible - GPS location, time of the day, and type of neighborhood to produce the most accurate and relevant image repository possible. Just hook in to our Microsoft cloud storage system and access millions of StreetView images instantly. Contact us for pricing options.

....Identify Valuable Data Points

Photo by cmart7327/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by estherpoon/iStock / Getty Images

Data - Street Vehicles

  • Open parking spaces
  • Street parking patterns
  • Number of cars on street
  • Types of cars (SUV vs. Sedan)

Data - Foot Traffic Patterns

  • Foot Traffic by Day & Location
  • Types of people (male, female, old, young)
  • Number of people with dogs
  • Number of people with shopping bags
  • Real estate foot traffic score
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Street data

Data - Ad Campaigns

  • Locate all Ads (in real time) of a competitor 
  • Categorize types of Ads in a location
  • Measure effectiveness of ad campaign with foot traffic data
  • Count number of Ads by location

Data - Public Infrastructure

  • Pot hole detection
  • License plate locator (Police)
  • Trash can mapping
  • Fire hydrants mapping