Kerb Technologies, Inc. was cofounded in 2017 by Stephen Buko and Richard Burg after distinguished careers in both the commercial and federal sectors. Stephen and Richard both reside in the Washington, DC metro area.


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Stephen Buko


As an Analytics Consultant and former Senior Engineer with Lockheed Martin, Stephen brings a wealth industry experience to Kerb. His list of client experience ranges from Mercedes Benz Automotive to the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA). After receiving his BS in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Alabama, he continued his education receiving his MBA and Masters of Mechanical Engineering. 

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Dr. Richard Burg

CTO/Chief Data Scientist

After receiving his PhD in Physics from MIT, Richard spent 9 years as a Senior Research Scientist at Johns Hopkins University. He then joined NASA to lead a seven year $300M space satellite project in Washington, DC. He was eventually recruited away by the CIA to lead a Big Data project at Langley. Richard worked for the CIA for 8 years prior to cofounding Kerb Technologies, Inc.